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Encore S Gas Dispenser

Encore S Gas Dispenser: Secure your competitive advantage and increase profits

With the Encore S fuel dispenser, your hardest worker is on your forecourt.

Every day, Encore S fuel dispensing systems deliver unparalleled reliability that has proven to incur 30% fewer service calls than the competition.

And it offers you the lowest cost of ownership on gasoline dispensers, so you keep more profits in your pocket.

Encore S Benefits

Lowest maintenance cost. High return on investment. It’s no wonder most c-store operators choose Encore fuel dispensers. Not only is it designed to protect and track your profits, it also delivers a user-friendly fueling dispensing experience. Experience the advantages of having an Encore S gasoline dispenser on your forecourt.

Leading Reliability:

  • Robust electronics platform creates “always-on” reliability and integrates seamlessly with any third-party POS or Passport.
    • Lowest installed maintenance cost
    • High return on investment
    • Enhanced customer profitability
    • Reduced service budget
  • Meter accuracy results in operational savings.
  • Flow optimization allows for incremental transactions by having dispensers open during peak hours of operation. Flow is controlled at the nozzle for maximized system performance.

Great Flexibility:

  • Multiple alternative fuel offerings drive traffic into your store by offering alternative fuel types at your site.
  • More than two hoses per side clearly marks mid-level ethanol blends and prevents misfueling at your island.

Timeless Image:

  • Timeless design and Tedlargraphics enhance your brand image and look, creating a positive impression.
  • Hydraulic layout/footprint eliminates the need to break concrete and replumb below grade, allowing for faster filter changes. And Encore can utilize existing pit boxes in retrofit sites.
  • Wear-resistant surface area stays fresh longer to reduce the costly expense of rebranding.

Unparalleled Security:

  • Modular approach to payment security future-proofs your system. By allowing for an expandable platform, the flexible design minimizes long-term expenses due to changing regulations.
  • Enhanced dispenser security gives customers exactly what they pay for while fuel variance savings reduces theft.

Encore S Specifications

Standard Features:

  • 2-year warranty includes labor
  • 4-year corrosion protection
  • Progressive lighting cues
  • No pulse, no flow
  • Hidden security clasp for pad lock
  • Angled hose outlets
  • LED display lighting
  • 5.7" monochrome screen



    P-2339 Encore Dispensers Brochure
    P-2388 Encore for Canada Brochure


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